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Wiki for one the biggest Sims 4 BDSM & Fetish mod collections

If you are not 18+, you should leave this site without viewing any of the content.

Hopefully you manage to find what you are looking for. Feel free to send me any suggestions you might have about this wiki.

Use the sidebar to easily navigate.

This Wiki is primarily intended to help you use stuff from my collection of items that has grown considerably over the past two years.

If you wish to support more stuff being made, you can become my patron here-

Current News:

28.07 - One Bar Prison released to Patreon.

31.07 - Bits n Pieces - Word Collars 2 released to Patreon.

05.08 - Hanging Steel Stock released to Patreon.

05.08 - New LL update released. Check the updated upcoming list to see what is next for public release.

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