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Wicked Whims Items

These items absolutely require Wicked Whims to work. Every item in this category has at least one idle animation made by me. Some have multiple, some have paired animations.

However you should check out full time animators if you want more animations.

Full catalogue of available Wicked Whims objects:

Atlas Doll Stand Fist Stand
Nymph Fixture Solace Cage Songbird Cage
Supplicant Frame Bondage Frame "Tantalus" Blowjob Pole
Improvised Bondage Station Bondage Trolley Breeding Bench
Hole(s) In the Wall Display Case Fk-Master 2000
Hanging Cage "Mayhem" Fucking Machine Metal Pillory
Mystery Box Posture Table Bad Pony
Bondage Posture Chair Earthshaker Machine Floor Stock
Modern Stock Modular Stock "Overlord" Metal Stock
Seesaw Sensual Statues Sloped Cage
Stretching Cage Suspension Frame Altar Cross
Padded Display Posture Post Spanking Bench
Submission Cage Y Post Arch Post
Capsule Cage Caster Headstock Discreet Frame
Display Column Hanging Chains Inflatable Playbed
"Rider" Bondage Post Suspension Post U Stock
Wall Trophy Fixture ? Steel Bar
Teasing Machine All-Fours Frame Split Frame
Ceiling Bondage Display Alcove Glass Cage
Pipe Platform Double Bed Frame
Standing Cage One Bar Prison Hanging Steel Stock
Floor Fuckbox Pleasure Cage Vibe Saddle
Arrow Frame Punishment Stock Compact Budget Frame
Meat Tenderizer Lectern Stock
Vibration Restraint System Wedge Cross Combi Stock
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