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Different meshes and what does it mean?

Clothing in sims 4, if its in the top, bottom or body category comes with the body mesh included. Meaning that even if you dont download any custom meshes and equip something made for a custom mesh, you will get the custom bodyshape. However, its important to download the body mesh anyway, so that your body fits all the accessories etc. and and keeps consistent shape.

Icons on clothing will tell you which mesh is the particular item made for. No secondary icon (only my K tag) means it was made for EvE v5 (if its in the body,top or outfit category, accessories like hats are bodymesh independent). “v6” secondary icon (right bottom of the thumbnail in CAS) means it was made for EvE v6. “m” secondary icon (right bottom of the thumbnail in CAS) means it was made for the base maxis shape.

Mesh Links

EvE v5 - the original EvE mesh. My earliest stuff is made to fit this mesh.

EvE v6 - my current basemesh (beware, its not the latest EvE mesh, but I am still using it).

All credit goes to

Maxis Nude Top With Nipples - My base for Maxis conversions.

Maxis Nude Bottom - My base for Maxis conversions.

All credit goes to Cmar

Wicked Whims Link

Wicked Whims - Not required for everything I make, but hey, you might as well get it. Its the cornerstone of Sims 4 adult mods.

Loverslab Downloads Link

LoversLab - My download page on LL. You can find all publicly released stuff for download there.

Patreon Link

My Patreon - If you think my work deserves support and you want to see more of it, consider becoming a patron. Thank you.

Sims Used In Screenshots

Divaka45 - All of the sims used in my presentations are made by divaka. Unfortunately I cant tell you which are which exactly, as I´ve modified them and downloaded them long time ago, but you cant go wrong with any of Divaka´s creations.

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