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SOS (Subs on-demand service)


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  • SOS


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Adds the option of buying and selling Sims (T-Club 18,YA-College Calamity,A-Mature Mayhem)

1. Purchase module

Generates random new sims (male or female) in the specified age range and makes them available for purchase (add them to household, for a price). Purchased sims have the “Owned” trait, which makes them unable to refuse Wicked Whims sex. You can access the purchasing options from the new SOS business card object, from the world or the inventory. This module includes a “presentation” that requires the “Cats & Dogs” game pack to work. SOS representative will show up at your household with the selected sim for inspection. The inspection allows full preview of the sim´s bodytype, features and traits. It also allows you to give your new friend a nickname (rename them).

2. Sale module

Having the “Owned” trait makes sims eligible to be sold, however keep in mind that straight reselling will result in a monetary loss. Base price goes by age (T-2500,YA-1500,A-1000) The sale module takes into consideration following skills-

tier gold (300 per skill level)
7.gourmet cooking
tier silver (200 per skill level)
9.pipe organ
13.comedy mixing

tier bronze (100 per skill level)

it is necessary to have at least 3 levels in a skill to be considered during the sale.

The sale module takes into consideration following traits for a flat 1500 bonus per applicable trait-

8.Speed cleaner
9.Gym rat
11.Great kisser

Finally the Wicked Whims “Sexpertise” skill is taken into consideration for a large bonus- (0/1500/3500/5500/8000)

In essence, selling a high grade sim should provide slightly more money than a week´s work at top levels of ingame careers.

To make other sims eligible for being sold, or to use the sale module while not owning the “Cats & Dogs” pack, you can use a cheat interaction seeded on the business card used to access the purchasing part of the mod. Simply turn on cheats (testingcheats on), then select the household sim you want the trait applied to, shift click on the business card (when its spawned in the world, not in inventory) and go into the Actions submenu.

Interaction locations - Purchasing options are propagated on the SOS business card object. Selling options are directly on the “Owned” sim, in the Actions pie menu. So are the inspection options.

Additional Notes:


As mentioned before, owning “Cats & Dogs” pack is a soft requirement for this mod.

Without it, the purchasing will not work (selected sim wont show up)- do not use the purchasing module if you dont have the pack.

Requires my mod Atropos brainwashing machine.

Turning off nudity reactions / privacy in the Wicked Whims settings is very much recommended.

The sims on offer ger regenerated every time you either accept or refuse a sale or leave the lot.

The Sims 4 random sim generator can give some pretty wacky results- however it manages to spit out a cute sim often enough.

This is an obsolete mod that has been integrated into Dreams Of Surrender.

Latest Version: [Kritical]SubsOnDemandService1b
Mesh Compatibility: Any(female)plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigYou can use any body type as long as its at least somewhat similar to the regular human proportions. Female mesh only., Partial(male)plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigMy items are not tested for the male mesh (or more imporantly, sized for it) but should work alright as long as the male has similar proportions to the female mesh.
Time Exclusive: Exclusiveplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThis item is currently available to my Patrons and becomes public in some time. You can check the upcoming public release schedule on the "Upcoming Public Releases" page
Support: Legacyplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThis item is considered legacy and no longer updated or supported. You are still free to use it though.
Required Packages: Wicked Whims, Atropos
Ingame Example: Show Me!
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