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Styx Urinal


  • Decorations: Sculptures

Search Phraseplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThis exact phrase can be used with the ingame search to immediately locate the item.

  • “styx”


  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • White


The base object includes three interactions -

1. Get Inside

2. Pick NPC to get Inside

3. Autonomous Get Inside for Sims with the “Humiliation Slut” trait.

Once a sim is inside, you can access two more interactions by clicking on the sim -

1. Relieve Yourself - for technical reasons available to males only.

2. Release Sim - you can release the sim inside at any time with this. Otherwise they will sit in the object for 8 in-game hours.

Sims that use the urinal from the outside receive a confidence boosting buff after they are done.

Sims that use the urinal from the inside receive either an embarrassment debuff or a flirty buff, depending on whether they have the Humiliation trait from the "Atropos" Brainwashing Machine

The Humiliation Slut trait itself also works as the Shameless trait and blocks embarrassment moods for the sim that possesses it.

Additional Notes:

Using the the urinal is reserved for males, as females dont have standing animation for toilets.

Latest Version: [Kritical]StyxUrinal1f
Mesh Compatibility: Any(female)plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigYou can use any body type as long as its at least somewhat similar to the regular human proportions. Female mesh only., Partial(male)plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigMy items are not tested for the male mesh (or more imporantly, sized for it) but should work alright as long as the male has similar proportions to the female mesh.
Time Exclusive: Publicplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThis item is publicly released and you can find it on my loverslab download page or my dropbox (if you have access).
Support: Fullplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThis item enjoys full support and gets bugfixes and potential updates.
Required Packages: Sex Arcade
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