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Caligula Integration Module (SOS expansion)


  • Card with contact info - Decorations: Clutter

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  • SOS


  • Black&Gold


New Home - Integrated objects have been moved from the Decorations:Sculptures category to the Activities:Knowledge category for easy time finding them. They also have “(i)” in their names now.

Interaction Special Quality - Some interactions will now have color coding (seen on the pie menu options). These colors indicate that the interaction not only trains sub/Dom skill but also trains specific qualities in the sub. After doing sufficient training in a given category, your sub will obtain the associated trait.

Red - Masochist

Yellow - Humiliation Addict

Grey - Cum Lover

For now, these traits increase sale value (+3500 per trait) and have some minor effects (Humiliation addict blocks embarrassed mood). This might be expanded in future.

Types of integrated interactions

Paired - Both Dom and sub participate, each interaction requires certain sub level to be available. Once activated, it checks against the Dominant skill to see the outcome. Success / Fail rewards different skill gain and can sometimes result in different animations.

Lock-in - The Dom locks the sub inside of a device, where they will stay until let out by the Dom. Like the paired interactions, these need certain sub level to be available but unlike them, these cannot fail. Rewarding small skill gain for the Dom and a constant trickle of sub skill to the sub. Note that the sub cant get out of the device on their own and has to be let out by the Dom.

Voluntary - subs of sufficient level(usually 5+) can choose to perform some interactions on their own without direct Dom instruction. These are usually good for training sexpertise and submission.

Integrated Objects & Interactions type

Mystery Box (Lock-in) - Simple lock-in with very low difficulty.

Vibration Restrain System (Lock-in) - Simple lock-in with low difficulty.

Deepthroat Trainer (Paired) - Includes basic oral training and more advanced deepthroat training. Different animations for success / failure. Once the sub is competent enough, they can train on it by themselves for a Sexpertise boost.

Deepthroat Trainer (Voluntary) - Trained subs can use the trainer to sharpen their oral skills and more experienced subs can master their deepthroating skills here.

Discreet Cage (Lock-in) - Simple lock-in with very low difficulty.

Feeding Machine (Paired) - Best way to train your subs to become cum lovers and acquire the related trait. Different animations for success / failure.

Feeding Machine (Voluntary) - Once a sub becomes trained and possess the Cum Lover trait, they can use this device to satisfy their hunger. Subs without this trait will refuse to voluntarily partake … although maybe if they are hungry enough, something might change.

Pet Bowl (Voluntary) - The sub trait is now required to use this- refills hunger motive and adds a small amount of Submission experience.

Floor Stock (Lock-in) - Simple lock-in with very low difficulty.

Spanking Bench (Paired) - Trained subs will appreciate the maintenance spanking that is available. Same animation for success / fail, but added custom sounds.

Dominance Bed Bottom (Lock-in) - Simple lock-in with very low difficulty. Works on the stacked variant and the bar variant of the cage as well. Cycles between five idle animations on the inside.

Ornate Bondage Post (Lock-in) - Simple lock-in with very low difficulty.

Additional Notes:


For my advanced objects, the old interactions will be hidden (turned into cheats). You can access them by shift clicking the object in question and accessing the legacy pie category.

If you cannot see an interaction on an integrated device, it means none of your Sims has the prerequisite sub skill to qualify for it. Altenately, all you subs capable of using it are already using something else. Check out the item description, I will add an indicator as to how difficult an object is to use.

Animators that use my WW objects will have to do a small update to their animation files, so you might temporarily lose access to some of their animations (on the integrated objects). Necessary internal changes, apologies.

While lock-ins persist on saving / loading the game, none of the interactions persist on leaving the lot.

If for some reason the objects interactions get interrupted (going into CAS and back for example), the object might get stuck in the wrong state, making it unusable. There is a cheat interaction called “Debug State Reset” directly on the objects to fix this.

Necessary Updates & Requirements:

Wicked Whims

Packages to update & requirements (+new WWid for animators)

[Kritical]BondageBag1c (9445709252881364498)

[Kritical]DeepthroatTrainer1a (16020416430958985976)

[Kritical]DiscreetCage1b (17429647217687589166)

[Kritical]FeedingMachine1e (12294053308672320334)

[Kritical]FloorStock1a (16256327213513340879)

[Kritical]MysteryBox1a (11388429000369189888)

[Kritical]OrnateBondagePost1a (9906786075919788416)

[Kritical]SpankingBench1a (11069613840527997306)

[Kritical]vibrationRestraintSystem1a (16168233390918159582)

[Kritical]WedgeCross1a (10795967237938642926)

[Kritical]workingPetBowl1g (16020416430958985976)










Latest Version: [Kritical]integrationModuleCaligula1c
Mesh Compatibility: Any(female)plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigYou can use any body type as long as its at least somewhat similar to the regular human proportions. Female mesh only., Partial(male)plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigMy items are not tested for the male mesh (or more imporantly, sized for it) but should work alright as long as the male has similar proportions to the female mesh.
Time Exclusive: Exclusiveplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThis item is currently available to my Patrons and becomes public in some time. You can check the upcoming public release schedule on the "Upcoming Public Releases" page
Support: Legacyplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThis item is considered legacy and no longer updated or supported. You are still free to use it though.
Required Packages: Wicked Whims, check notes
Ingame Example: Show Me!
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