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Augustus Training Module (SOS expansion)


  • Card with contact info - Decorations: Clutter

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  • SOS


  • Black&Gold


(D) Dominance Skill - Allows for variety of sub training interactions. The training interactions can either succeed or fail- on fail, the training goes through, but you get much less experience from it. Slow to train, meant to be mastered over training multiple subs.

Purchase Certification - For a bargain price of 1499, your sim can become a Dominant, wielding the powers of the Dominance skill. You can find this option on the SOS business card.

Bestow Collar - Allows you to make subs out of regular sims. The requirements to convince a sim to become your sub decreases with your Dominance skill- starting at requiring intimate relationship to requiring no relationship at all at highest levels.

Rising Confidence - Every successful use of a Dominance Skill applies a stacking confidence bonus (up to +3) which gets removed on failed skill use.

Reflect On Confidence - You can convert your +1/+2/+3 in confidence to +1 in happiness. Just like the rising confidence, if you fuck up a Dominant interaction, it gets removed.

Rename Sub - Great for giving your subs contextual nicknames.

Relocate sub - Adds the sub to the household, provided you have space.

Inspection - Basic training interaction.

Serve As A Stool (Dominant Help Hotline) - Medium training interaction.

Humiliation Session - Advanced training interaction.

Oral Lecture - Advanced training interaction.

Golden Shower - Hard training interaction.

Good Girl(Boy) Praise - Interaction that gives out a powerful buff to get through challenging times, but with a long cooldown.

Forbid Underwear - Forbids the sub from wearing underwear. Novice subs will feel embarrassed, while veterans will feel flirty. While this order is active, the sub will slowly increase their Submission skill- however the effects are only applied while not on the home lot.

Forbid Clothing - Forbids the sub from wearing clothing. Or rather, to give you full control over what this command means, it forces the sub to wear Sleepwear slot 1, so that you can still give your sub makeup, collar, heels etc. Novice subs will feel embarrassed while veteran ones will feel confident. Like the underwear order, it raises the sub skill slowly, but unlike it, it works even while at home.

(s) Submission Skill - Changes the way the sub reacts. At high levels, grants various benefits including better collar bonuses and higher acceptance of the sub role. Fast to train, meant to be the main indicator for SOS sale value.

Collar Awareness - Sub sims will now want to wear their collars- if collarless, they will get stressed, whereas while worn, they will get happy. Needs supported collar to work properly. The mood bonus scales with sub level, increasing by one per five levels. If you want to use non-supported collars, see the Caveat section for details.

Enjoy Cleaning - After spending some amount of time cleaning the house, the sub becomes happy.

Enjoy Cooking - After spending some amount of time cooking, the sub becomes happy.

sub Meditation - The sim can focus their mind on either their own achievements as a sub (and receiving a confidence buff) or on their Master (and receiving a flirty buff). Alternately, your sub can meditate to become playful.

sub SOS Contract - SOS will now only buy back sims with at least level 5 Submission skill, which qualifies them as a fully trained sub. The Submission skill is now the main price component of the buyback value (5000/6000/7000/9000/11000/14000).

(D/s) Dominance & Submission Socials - Each skill has several custom social interactions, some of these are flavoured chat interactions, while others give out other benefits- high level doms can teach a little of their skill to others for example. The passionate discussion of related topics also produces a tiny increase in the respective skill (for example a sub bragging about her collar gets a tiny boost to her Submission skill).

Additional Notes:


Forbid Underwear is partly for roleplaying- I have no way of telling exactly what you put on your sim or what your WW underwear settings are- so its up to you to use clothing that doesnt have underwear.

I know that getting a collar is something important irl, but here its mostly there to allow you to make subs without having to buy them. Perhaps a whole “ceremony” can be created in a future content update, but for now it is fairly simple.

There is an empty accessory item (ring- index finger L) that adds the necessary collar logic- equip it whenever you have the unsupported collar you want to be recognized on your sim. This should allow you to access all of the related functionality without the limitation of using the officially supported collars, at the expense of an accessory slot.

Because the devices are not yet converted to work with training, Dom skill starts at level 5 so that you have some interactions to play around with. When the integration module comes around, devices will be the main way to train the skill.

Necessary Updates & Requirements:

Wicked Whims




Latest Version: [Kritical][Kritical]trainingModuleAugustus1c
Mesh Compatibility: Any(female)plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigYou can use any body type as long as its at least somewhat similar to the regular human proportions. Female mesh only., Partial(male)plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigMy items are not tested for the male mesh (or more imporantly, sized for it) but should work alright as long as the male has similar proportions to the female mesh.
Time Exclusive: Exclusiveplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThis item is currently available to my Patrons and becomes public in some time. You can check the upcoming public release schedule on the "Upcoming Public Releases" page
Support: Legacyplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThis item is considered legacy and no longer updated or supported. You are still free to use it though.
Required Packages: Wicked Whims, check notes
Ingame Example: Show Me!
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