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Kritical´s Very Informative FAQ MK III.

You can save your time by skimming questions noted below and finding answers immediately instead of messaging me :)

Q: I have problem with X, can you....

A: I would love to, but its imperative to provide screenshots. One picture is worth a thousand words. Please, if at all possible, show & tell me what is wrong, instead of just telling me.

Moreover, describe your problem in detail, if the screenshot isnt enough. Saying “X doesnt work” is almost completely unhelpful. I need enough information to replicate the problem to be able to fix it.

Lastly, please send tech support requests into my direct messages or in the discord tech support channel, the comments are a poor place to post your problem.

Q: How does X work?

A: Some of my stuff that is more than a Wicked Whims object might have some ingame requirements (traits, skill levels etc) to use. Search this wiki to find the answers you seek.

Q: How can I make my sims stay in your dungeon furniture until I release them?

A: By tweaking your WW settings slightly.

1. Go to Wicked Whims Settings

2. Go to Sex Settings

3. Go to Sex Interaction Settings

4. Go to Sex Progressions Settings

5. Go to Player Sex Duration

6. Select Climax Finish

7. Make sure you dont have Continue Progression After Climax turned on.

Thank you to 2cool4u_1 for suggesting this method


1. Go to Wicked Whims Settings

2. Go to Sex Settings

3. Go to Sex Interaction Settings

4. Go to Sex Progressions Settings

5. Go to Player Sex Duration

6. Make sure Time Limit Duration is ticked.

7. Finally, go into Sex Interaction Duration and input any number you want- this represents the amount of real time minutes the animation will play for.

One tiny thing is that you will have to manually cancel all regular sex interactions your sims might have, but other than that, it works just fine.

Q: How can I use your objects with non household members?

A: You have to enable NPC control in Wicked Whims. Go into Sex Settings>Cheats>Manual NPC Sex and turn it on. By default NPC sex has a time limit of 3 minutes. You might want to raise that, but beware, it applies to all NPC sex, not just my objects used by NPCs.

Q: How can I download your stuff?

A: Every release post contains a link to a patreon post with a Dropbox folder link that not only contains everything your heart desires, but also contains detailed instructions if you are using Dropbox for the first time.

A: Alternately, you can find all of my public releases on Loverslab.

Q: Where can I get EvE v6 body mesh?

A: Right here

All credit goes to

Q: What do I need to use your mods?

A: I make everything basegame compatible, so updated base game is fine. If there ever is a feature that requires an expansion or stuff pack, I will note that on release.

You also want to have Wicked Whims -

You dont need it to use my clothing, but most of my objects rely on this awesome mod by Turbodriver. If you ever see me referring to “WW” in my release posts, this is the mod I mean.

Q: I cant find object X in Buy mode.

A: When you search for something, if it doesnt come up in the shorthand results, you should click on the first line that says- Text Search for : “X” - X being the phrase you are searching for). Otherwise it might not display the result you are after (for example if you hit enter instead of clicking the aforementioned line).

Thank you if you actually bothered to read this FAQ :).

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