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Dreams Of Surrender

CURRENT VERSION - [Kritical]DreamsOfSurrender_1_06a_pat

New shinier version of this page is under construction, currently the information matches the 1.05 version. Yes, there are even more features now! Why not try it out yourself.

CURRENT PUBLIC VERSION - [Kritical]DreamsOfSurrender_1_05_pub

Public download available here.

Patreon download available on my Dropbox. Thank you for your support. You can see the most up to date release post here.

Features marked with (*) are currently available only in the Patreon version.


BDSM Dynamic Mod

This mod is intended to add another gameplay layer to Sims 4. It not only adds new interactions, skills, traits… but also integrates my old BDSM objects so that you can use them for both play & training. The integration is an ongoing process, so check out the objects section of this article to see if your favorite object is already integrated.

This mod is an evolution of SOS (Subs on-demand service), Caligula Integration Module (SOS expansion) and Augustus Training Module (SOS expansion)- all of them are integrated into it, meaning you dont need to download them separately anymore (and cant download them separately anymore either.)

Dont forget to purchase the “SOS Business Card” for your sims to be able to access all of the features of this mod. Find it in the BUY mode, search for “SOS” and it should pop right up.


Dominance / submission

Dominance Skill - Allows for variety of sub training interactions. The training interactions can either succeed or fail- on failing, the training goes through, but you get much less experience from it and possibly an alternate animation. Slow to train, meant to be mastered over training multiple subs.

Obtaining Dominance Skill - Initially the skill is tied to obtaining the “Certified Dominant” trait, which you can purchase from the SOS business card for 1499 simbucks.

Raising Dominance Skill - Using it on your subs will definitely help you raise it, but initially, when smaller number of interactions is available to you, browsing your phone for Dominant tips is available (Master subcategory, interaction directly on your sim, skill limit 3).

Submission Skill - Works both as a requirement for interaction availability, but also modifies how the sub behaves. Increasing the acceptance of the submissive role allows for various gameplay bonuses and more interactions you can perform.

Obtaining Submission Skill - Submission skill is automatically acquired when your sim receives the “Owned” trait.

Raising Submission Skill - Performing both paired interactions with your Dom and available voluntary interactions is a fast way to train. Additionally, discussing various related topics with other sims raises the skill slowly.

How To Obtain A sub

Attending Contract Auction - The world is full of sims eager to get into the lifestyle. You can purchase their contract in an auction started from the new object- “Contract Auction Podium”.

Convincing Sim To Become A sub - If your relationship with any given eligible sim is high enough, you can convince them to become a sub with the “Offer sub Contract” master interaction. At first, this requires a fairly intimate relationship to be available, but if you raise your Charisma skill, you might find even acquaintances willing to submit. You need at least Dominance skill level 3 for this to be available.

Setting Up An Auction

First you will need to place the “Contract Auction Podium” object somewhere in the world- I would recommend a public lot with a lot of traffic, but no celebrities. Next step is setting up the auction pool to choose from- This is done through the “SOS business card” object with a new picker. After you have at least one sim tagged as eligible for the auction, the option to purchase their contract will become available directly on the podium.

Contract Modification

While you cannot modify contracts purchased through an auction, you can add or remove contract clauses when convincing a sim to sign a sub contract with you. Currently you can add up to three clauses (at Dominance level 3/6/9) that either modify the training in some way, modify the behavior of the sub or give out special abilities.

(*) Upon reaching level 4 in Dominance, you will have the option to renegotiate the contract once per day.

Current Clauses Are-

  • Training Focus: Masochism - Increases the speed of acquiring the Masochist trait.
  • Training Focus: Humiliation - Increases the speed of acquiring the Humiliation Slut trait.
  • Training Focus: Cum - Increases the speed of acquiring the Cum Lover trait.
  • Scheduled Punishment - The sub enters the “Punishment Due” mood automatically every 12 hours.
  • Guarateed Use - The sub “Service” motive depletes faster than is the case for an ordinary sub. In case of neglect, these subs also receive much harsher debuffs from being ignored. The sub starts at level 3 in return.
  • “Emotional Support” - New ability Provide “Emotinal Support” is gained by the sub.

Collars And You

You can use both supported and unsupported collars on your subs. New supported collars are easily recognized by the (i) in the collar CAS icon, however any relevant piece of clothing from the compatible clothing list should work- these include my older clothing such as the armbinder, straitjacket etc.

If you wish to use a collar that is currently not officially supported, or perhaps roleplay some other piece of clothing serving as one (such as a bracelet), you need to equip the “Collar Logic” CAS item (ring- index finger L) together with the desired item.

Relationship Awareness

The game tracks your D/s relationship and adds relationship between the Dominant and their submissives.

Made To Serve

Owned submissives now possess the “Service” motive instead of “Social” motive. Make sure to make them interact with their Dominants on a regular basis, otherwise they will get very sad from being neglected.

Refilling Service can be done in many ways, from dedicated Service interactions, training or even having sex with their Dominant.

Interaction Availability

In general, the higher both skills (Dominance, Submission) are, the more interactions are available to you. To be eligible, sim needs to not only meet the skill requirement (and sometimes trait requirement) of given interaction but also be available- not currently engaged in other training interactions.

Interaction Special Quality

Some interactions will have a colored stripe on the left side of the pie menu option. This means that these interactions train one of the related special qualities in your sub, or in case of Service interactions, are primarily meant to serve the Dominant and refill the sub Service motive. Right now these are-

  • Red - Masochist
  • Yellow - Humiliation Addict
  • Grey - Cum Lover
  • Pink - Service

Finishing training in any of the categories (except Service) rewards you with a trait that might give you access to more interactions, modify the behavior of the sim and increase the sale price.

Failure And Punishment

Any time your sub fails an interaction, they enter a new mood- Punishment Due. This mood blocks all other moods and the sim stays guilty for 24 hours since last failure. Also severely reduces sub training gain. You can either use a lock-in interaction to remove the mood or one of the new punishment interactions that remove the debuff. After the punishment is removed, the sub receives a large bonus to the sub skill and a debuff for suffering through it.

For a convenient way to punish a guilty sub, why not equip them with my Shock Collar? It allows you to punish guilty subs quickly.

Guilty Conscience

Sims that are now Punishment Due will slowly lose their sub skill when unpunished. While this isnt as dangerous on higher levels, be careful with letting your subs disobey when they are less experienced. You can minimize the danger by not training novice subs with high level Dom interactions. Or getting Dominance to level 10, as you cant fail interactions then.

The Glory Of Dominance - Rewards

  • Rising Confidence - Every successful use of a dominance interaction applies a stacking confidence bonus (up to +3) which gets removed on failed skill use.
  • Bestow Collar - The ability to convince sims to become your subs.
  • Riches - This mod is set up in a way so that you can sell your trained subs for a nice chunk of cash, effectively making it a career option. Check out the section on selling to learn more.

Skillful Dominance - Basegame Skill Integration

  • Imposing Presence - Dominants with impressive physique will find their orders more readily obeyed. Lowers the sub´s skill requirements for lock-ins. Scaling by up to three point reduction based of dominant´s fitness skill (5+/7+/9+). Only the higher applies.
  • Devil´s Tongue - Dominant´s gifted with the gift of gab will find their orders more readily obeyed. Lowers the sub´s skill requirements for lock-ins. Scaling by up to three point reduction based of dominant´s charisma skill (5+/7+/9+). Only the higher applies.

Dominance Interactions

Found in the “Master” category either on the sub sim or on the dominant, depending on context. Object interactions are in their separate section.

  • Browse For Dominant Tips - Helps with raising your Dominance skill up to level 3.
  • Rename Sub - Change your sub´s name at will. Good for training relevant nicknames.
  • Praise Sub - Express how pleased you are with your sub. Gives out a large buff to the sub.
  • Relocate Sub - Add outside subs into your household.
  • Inspect Sim - Check out the training progress on your subs.
  • Humiliate Sim - Let your sub know their place.
  • Give Sim An Oral Lecture - Get a head while teaching the sub to get ahead.
  • Dominant Help Hotline - Share your wisdom of dominant things while your sub provides the seating.
  • Serve As A Chair - Your sub gets on the floor and works as a chair until released.
  • Reflect On Confidence - Doms confident from their training escapades can become happy instead of confident.
  • Golden Shower - The ultimate expression of submission.
  • Rimjob Practice - Volunteer to train that tongue on.
  • Stand, Carry, Spank - Fit enough to pick up your sub? Why not spank them at the same time?
  • Etiquette Training - Entry level interaction to teach the sub proper manners.
  • Order To Piss - Humiliating social training interaction available to novice Doms.
  • Order To Masturbate - Social training interaction for novice Doms that slowly trains sexpertise as well.
  • Order Outfit Change - Provided mostly so that you can order your subs to change outfits at will without cheats and other requirements. Resolves tiny amount of Service.
  • Order To Cook - Orders sub to prepare a random group meal. If you dont want the sub to eat the meal, combine with the nutrition rule. Resolves small amount of Service.
  • Order To Sleep - Orders sub to go to sleep. If you want the sub to sleep only in the assigned cage, combine with the furniture rule and assign a sleeping place of choice. Resolves small amount of Service.
  • Order To Clean - Service interaction. Orders sub to clean. Resolves small amount of Service.
  • Order To Wash Dom - Service interaction. Dominant gets washed by the sub in the shower. Both refill substantial amount of hyginene. Designed to align on the corner showers- for example the “Post Modern” shower. Also works for shower bath combos like “Double Delight”.
  • Upload Service Thresholds - Brainwashing interaction that freezes the service motive for two days at its maximum level.

Rules Of Conduct

You can set up specific rules for your subs to follow. These modify their autonomy behavior. Currently available rules are-

  • Careful Nutrition - The sub can be instructed to only eat from the pet bowl / feeding machine (if they qualify to use it).
  • Simpler Times - The sub can be instructed to not use the phone, computer or TV.
  • In Shape And Happy - The sub can be instructed to focus on working out.
  • Forbid Clothing - Forces the sub to wear Sleepwear slot 1 clothing. Which you can set up to be exactly as you would define “naked”.
  • Forbid Underwear - No underwear for your sub. Flavour interaction (no change on the clothing), but still trains relevant skills- effects appear only when not on the home lot.
  • Forbid Furniture - Sub will be unable to use the generic sit, nap, sleep interactions. Sims will still perform critical actions like sit to use a computer.

The Bounty Of Submission - Rewards

  • Collar Awareness - Sub sims will now want to wear their collars. Needs supported collar to work properly.
  • Enjoy Cleaning - After spending some amount of time cleaning the house, subs become happy.
  • Enjoy Cooking - After spending some amount of time cooking, subs become happy.

Submission Interactions

Found in the “Submissive” category either on the sub sim or on the dominant, depending on context. Object interactions are in their separate section.

  • Meditate (Worship) - Spend some alone time and get a flirty buff.
  • Meditate (Appreciate) - Spend some alone time and get a confidence buff.
  • Meditate (Show Off) - Spend some alone time and get a playful buff.
  • Emotional Support - Enables the sub to help remove negative moods from the Dominant. Reduces the duration of Angry/Uncomfortable/Sad/Stressed/Embarrassed moods by a very large amount, but has 36 hour cooldown. Only available if the “Emotional Support” contract clause is added.

Social Interactions

Both Doms and subs receive number of social interactions while they increase their respective skills. These very slowly train the skill further and work as a regular chat interactions you can use to roleplay. Find all of them in the “Friendly” category.

Object Interaction Types

  • Paired (P) - Both Dom and sub participate, each interaction requires certain sub level to be available.
  • Lock-in (L) - The Dom locks the sub inside of a device, where they will stay until let out by the Dom. These need certain sub level to be available.
  • Voluntary (V) - subs of sufficient level(usually 5+) can be directed to perform some interactions on their own without direct Dom instruction.
  • Special (S) - The exact nature of these interactions vary on a case by case basis.
  • Sub-Interaction (SI) - These interactions become available once another interaction is in progress.

Object Interaction Reference

Check out the ever expanding list of integrated objects at the top of the page. You can find info on what these allow you to do on their respective pages.


Suitable BDSM objects can be added to your sim´s inventory, so that you can take these with you to different lots or on a vacation. In other words, you can play around without having to edit the lot and adding separate BDSM objects.

SOS Shop

(*) New option to browse the SOS shop on the SOS business card. You can purchase all usable and inventoryable integrated items in there.

BDSM crafting

(*) You can use the woodworking bench and your handiness skill to create all sorts of bondage objects that you can either sell or keep (and save money on building your dream dungeon). Dont forget to purchase the “Artisan Certification” from the SOS business card to be able to access the recipes.

Working Butt Plugs

(*) Integrated buttplugs purchasable in the SOS shop can be worn. They take up the Left Bracelet slot. Give out a flirty buff while worn, train sexpertise slowly while walking around. Controlled through the inventory item. You can put them in, take them out and toggle the visuals if they are clipping clothing. The buttplugs are visible by default and applied to all outfits. Positioned for the V9/V6/Maxis female bodyshape and the male Maxis bodyshape.

Working Gags

(*) Three gag types that your subs can wear- ballgag, bitgag & ringgag. Clothing items controlled throught the “Box Of Gags” inventory item. Allows your Dom to put on or remove gags from subs. The gags should restrict certain interactions like eating or speaking. My DoS interactions shoud dynamically remove the gags when necessary and put them back on when done. Wearing any of the gags slowly trains submission and gives out a flirty buff.

Saying Goodbye - Contract Sale

SOS will only buy back sims with at least level 5 Submission skill, which qualifies them as a fully trained sub. The Submission skill is the main measure of the contract price, but it takes into consideration number of traits, skills and sim characteristics.

If you wish to say goodbye to any of your subs, you can initiate the contract sale by bringing the sub to the “Contract Auction Podium” object and using the relevant interaction.

Fully trained sub contracts can fetch over 20 000 simbucks, making being a trainer a viable career choice.

(*) If you simply wish to void the contract and end the relationship, you can do so as a Dominant of any level.

Autonomy And You

Voluntary Autonomy - Qualifiying interactions should properly advertise fun to the sims picking out autonomous interactions. The likelyhood of picking a voluntary interaction is multiplied when sims are flirty. As with user directed interactions, the subs still have to meet all the criteria (like sub level for example).

Training Autonomy - Dominants will seek out their subs with low Service when either bored and in need of social. Currently works with social training interactions.

Autonomy For “Beds” - Integrated objects (slave cages, sleeping bondage bag) now contain their assigned subs on lot load from travelling. Use “Assign Bed” on the object to use this feature.

Wanted: Alive Or Dead

Wants - Doms and subs have trait specific whim sets. Both submisives and Dominants have their own whims that reward lifetime reward points. The whims are anything from be locked into a device, clean the house or become fully Dom confident. Right now there are about 30 whims that can appear.

Where Did The Old Interactions Go?

For my advanced objects, the old interactions will be hidden (turned into cheats). You can access them by shift clicking the object in question and accessing the legacy pie category. These are no longer supported and provided as-is for people who dont want to engage with the training mechanic.

In cases where the old interactions no longer work for reasons such as game updates, these will be removed without any replacement.

Important Information For Smooth Operation

Turning off nudity reactions / privacy / sex reactions in the Wicked Whims settings is required. These reactions often break interaction chains.

There is an empty accessory item (ring- index finger L) that adds the necessary collar logic- equip it whenever you have an unsupported collar you want to be recognized on your sim.

If for some reason any of the object interactions get interrupted (going into CAS and back for example), the object might get stuck in the wrong state, making it unusable. There is a cheat interaction called “Debug State Reset” directly on the objects to fix this.

Changelog (Does not include new features)


  • Basegame compatiblity hotfix
  • Fixed some icons to be basegame compatible
  • Fixed Alcatraz lockin not animating.
  • Fixed the naming of some interactions that was either missing or incorrect
  • Fixed Discreet Cage not reflecting state changes visually. Enabled the immediate visual state changes again for regular use.
  • The Ornate Bondage Post subinteraction training was hiding. Fixed.
  • The phantom appearance of submissive / Dominant skill on sims it shouldnt appear on is still under investigation. As a stopgap solution, sims will now lose the skills they shouldnt have when routing automatically. If you receive a notification that a Dom has gained the submission skill or a sub has received the Dominant skill, please pause your game immediately and let me know the exact circumstance it happened in. Spare no detail.


  • The sub debuff for not wearing a collar no longer applies to these three outfit categories - Career, Special, Bathing
  • Added some more age checks where they were missing.
  • Doms can no longer be encouraged by subs to become subs.
  • Added some more checks to the nutrition rule.
  • Some new icons.
  • Fixed invisibility issue on the Discreet Frame kneeling lockin.
  • The training reward traits like “Masochist” could under specific circumstances not get awarded and stuck. Fixed.
  • The “Master Skill Cooldown” was removed. It was meant to solve an issue that didnt materialize in the end.
  • Urinals now reduce the Punishment Due duration by a large amount when in active use. The passive reduction is still the same as a regular lockin.


  • Fixed “Punish the guilty” whim not counting the shock collar punishment.
  • If you have EP05, sims will get wet after a golden shower.
  • Increased the rule durations to 30 days. You can of course still cancel a rule whenever you want.
  • The “Forbid Furniture” rule now allows using of toilets for user directed interactions. Autonomy was already using them.
  • The “Forbid Modern Technology” rule now allows using of treadmills.
  • The “Careful Nutrition” rule enabler didnt appear on level 5 Dominance. Fixed.
  • Sub prerolls are no longer valid for non subs.
  • New way of resetting stuck objects- works without cheats and has better ease of use.
  • Objects should be much less likely to get stuck in an unusable state.
  • Livedrag enabled on the SOS card.
  • Changed Dom License cost to 500.
  • Other pricing changes to make bondage more affordable. Here at Kritical Inc, we fight simflation with a smile!
  • The “browse” interaction now trains more slowly- exists as a free and inferior alterantive to purchasing the “Zen Of Bondage” book.
  • Some of the Floor Stock swatches werent enabled for Livedrag. Fixed.
  • Voluntary interactions now reduce the sub´s stress & sadness where applicable.
  • Lots of new icons.
  • The service interaction to wash Dom should now remove the WW cum buffs/debuffs/visuals and behave more in line with a regular shower in so far as to what it removes and cleans up.
  • Gaining the Cum Lover trait also adds the Cum Lust Wicked attribute, since its meant to represent similar state of mind.
  • Adjusted footprints on slave cages & bondage bag to better reflect the object shape and prevent ghost collision detection with walls.
  • Social training and service interactions are no longer compatible with sims carrying around objects in their hands.


  • Cooking and cleaning now raises the service motive. Only works when sub reaches level 2 and 3 respectively (and gets the associated buff from cooking or cleaning). You will receive the service motive after performing the interaction long enough to receive the associated buff.
  • Increased Service gain on successful interactions. Added Service gain on unsuccessful interactions (although lower).
  • Added another safeguard against subs with the nutrition rule active eating regular food. If they are instructed to cook food, they should not eat it afterwards, even if making only one serving.
  • Added another safeguard against subs with the technology rule active … using technology (computers).


  • Training now requires the Dominant / submissive relationship- you cannot train subs belonging to someone else.
  • Floor Stock converted to a portable.
  • Bondage Bag converted to a portable.
  • Picker for assigning applicants can now select up to 8 sims at a time.
  • Automatically adds the “Post-Puberty” Wicked Whims trait where relevant when adding a sub.
  • Sims that go through the buyback cannot be added to the auction list again.
  • Guaranteed Use contract clause now increases the rate of decay of the Service motive. It also applies much harsher penalties for really low Service values.
  • Ornate Post animations rebaked to keep directional consistency- like all other objects, the animations now appear in front of the object, not behind.
  • Ornate Post subinteraction redone.
  • Debug interactions moved to their own dedicated category “DoS Debug”. Recommended to not use those unless instructed by me to do so or you know what you are doing.
  • Cleaned up relationship bit check for offering a sub contract.
  • Sims that are owned will no longer redress themselves and ignore the Wicked Whims nudist skill level unless directly instructed.


  • Bestow Collar has been removed and replaced by the contract signing mechanic. Purchased contracts cannot be modified this way.
  • The old purchasing & selling interactions were replaced by the auction and turned into a cheat. No longer supported.
  • Dom interactions should now prefer standing initiation as oppposed to sitting down when seating is nearby.
  • Fixed some rewards targetting the wrong sim.
  • Stand & Carry & Spank can now be used as a punishment interaction when relevant. - Punishment interaction does not require Dom skill level, but doesnt train special qualities.
  • Golden Shower can now be used as a punishment interaction when relevant. - Punishment interaction does not require Dom skill level, but doesnt train special qualities.
  • Lock-ins no longer check against the Dom skill cooldown.
  • Dom skill cooldown slightly increased.
  • Improved interaction sorting.
  • Redid the social interaction training sequence for more reliability.
  • General rebalance of skillgains on socials and lockins- first five levels should be much easier.


  • Atropos Brainwashing Machine - Added the state reset debug interaction to the object.
  • Bestow Collar - Changes to required relationship bits.
  • Feeding Machine - Fixed category.
  • Sensory Deprivation Chamber - Fixed category.
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