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Full catalogue of available clothing items:

Supported Items - Varied mesh support. Some are made for v5 and converted to v6. Most are made for v6 and some are then converted to Maxis.

Limited amount of items is converted to EvE v9.

Accessories like collars are mostly universal:

Body Jewelry Kitten Set Latex Nun Set
Latex Set Harness Set Rave Slut Set
Slave Set Slave Set 2 Slutty Nurse Set
Word Collar Set Biker Set Corset Set
Formal Dress Set Fuckdoll Suit Set Harness Set 2
Latex Set 2 Latex Set 2 Addon Ponygirl Set
Rose Lingerie Set Shameless Set Sling Set
Slutty Maid Set Sorceress Set Sow Set
Stock Set Straitjacket Set Yoke Set
Latex Love Set L-Cuff Set Prayer Set
Separate Armbinder Set Neck Cuff Set Steel Bondage Set
Bits&Pieces Set - Gasmask Bits&Pieces Set - Collars Bits&Pieces Set - Tailed Mask
Bits&Pieces Set - Ballet Heels Bits&Pieces Set - Latex Harness Bits&Pieces Set - Latex Swimsuit
Studded Straps Cowprint Set Working Shock Collar
Bits & Pieces - Bent Yoke Bits & Pieces - Word Collars 2
Bits&Pieces Set - Collars 2

Legacy Items - These items are no longer supported, they are some of the oldest stuff I made. Made for the EvE v5 mesh:

Chastity Set 1
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