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Full catalogue of available clothing items:

Supported Items - Varied mesh support. Some are made for v5 and converted to v6. Most are made for v6 and some are then converted to Maxis:

Body Jewelry Kitten Set Latex Nun Set
Latex Set Harness Set Rave Slut Set
Slave Set Slave Set 2 Slutty Nurse Set
Word Collar Set Biker Set Corset Set
Formal Dress Set Fuckdoll Suit Set Harness Set 2
Latex Set 2 Latex Set 2 Addon Ponygirl Set
Rose Lingerie Set Shameless Set Sling Set
Slutty Maid Set Sorceress Set Sow Set
Stock Set Straitjacket Set Yoke Set
Latex Love Set L-Cuff Set Prayer Set
Separate Armbinder Set Neck Cuff Set Steel Bondage Set
Bits&Pieces Set - Gasmask Bits&Pieces Set - Collars Bits&Pieces Set - Tailed Mask
Bits&Pieces Set - Ballet Heels Bits&Pieces Set - Latex Harness Bits&Pieces Set - Latex Swimsuit
Studded Straps Cowprint Set

Legacy Items - These items are no longer supported, they are some of the oldest stuff I made. Made for the EvE v5 mesh:

Chastity Set 1
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