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Advanced Items

These items have custom functionality implemented by me. They usually dont require Wicked Whims (although some do), but might have other requirements to work properly.

Full catalogue of available advanced objects:

Cage Bed Brainwashing Machine Centerpiece Table
Containment Tank "Exercise" Bike Lethe Urinal
Pet Bowl Sex Arcade Feeding Machine
"Pet" Bed "Pet" Crate Alcatraz Cage
"Atropos" Brainwashing Machine Styx Urinal "Freya" Workout Machine
Blowjob Arcade Majestic Hole Sensory Deprivation Chamber
Tanning Rack Bondage Bag Deepthroat Trainer
Slave Bar Cage Living Ottoman Milking Machine
Serving Spot Discreet Cage Cage Cross Combo
Celadon Urinal Pet House Thighmaster X
Refurbished Recharger
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